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pink syrup

Link 10.10.2010 :: 01:38 comment (0)

my pissed of lazy drawing

time to be focused,
not distracted,
time to be organised
not chaotic.

sounds tough to me.

I cant draw

Link 12.10.2010 :: 14:53 comment (1)

small sketchbook

Link 17.10.2010 :: 02:19 comment (0)

etching in preparation for upcoming SEX ZINE, self pleasure issue

Link 18.10.2010 :: 13:32 comment (0)

stay tune, more info soon.

prints available for sale soon!

Link 25.10.2010 :: 14:56 comment (0)
A3 limited edition signed numbered giclee prints for sale soon.
go here: shop here

white lily, for upcoming sex zine

Link 27.10.2010 :: 18:10 comment (0)

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