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Its a last chance to Vote for my work in Showdown here : Click here to vote

Escapeism, 2012
Acrylic on canvas 100X70 cm

Don't they know it's the end of the world

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Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools

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Summertime dribbles

Posted by Marcelina amelia

In Lounge magazine

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Lounge Magazine #43

Wspaniala Ilustratorka Anna Maria Przybysz nie zyje,
mam zaszczyt towarzyszyc jej na stronach nowego Lounge Magazine.

Amazing Polish Illustrator Anna Maria Przybysz is no longer
with us, rest in peace.  Her work is still alive and inspiring.

Dzieki za tekst, Maggie Piu.


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Z serii Bardzo Inflantylne Szkice Marceliny

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Z serii Inflantylne Szkice Marceliny.


Perception of Undefined Sadness

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This kind of drawings happens when there is definitive lack of wine in my vains.
Too much caffeine though.

Perception of Undefined Sadness, 2012
Marcelina amelia


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booooooom X marcelina amelia

Rejected Sad Drawing

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posted by Marcelina amelia

SP Cover for Lewe Łokcie

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Photography and Design for Lewe Łokcie by Marcelina amelia

Bad girls

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SSS. Shit Sketchbook Stuff.

London Fashion Week sketches

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posted by Marcelina amelia

Lewe Lokcie Poster

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Listen here :
Like them here :

posted by Marcelina amelia

my month

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October 2012 - Marcelina Amelia Gawrońska. Museum of Eroticism Calendar. $16 (49.99PLN)

Niebieska Nimfetka

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Commissioned Watercolour and pen drawing on paper.
30X40 cm

Bomb Magazine

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Read the article here :

Word Choice features original works of fiction and poetry. Read
two poems by Jena Osman with art by Marcelina Amelia, selected by Daniel

from Public Figures


Story: You begin the day with a brisk step and sense of purpose. But as soon as you meet
the first stopping point in your delivered set of coordinates, you find yourself pausing too
long. Long enough to give away the farm. So you push yourself along before your task is
done, so as not to give yourself away.


Thinly masked critiques at the end of the disasters.

The leader as bishop is a hawk with heads sutured at the ends of each wing.

With knees in the mud.

The parrot, the ass, the dog, the monkey, the wolf.

Infantalized humanoids, all cower in their bestial cover behind the
leader like a cloud, his wings holding back their perfidy of which he is
a part.

You are the shadow at the back, looming like a trace of escape.

Caption: Man with safety orange sweater looking in backpack, then
putting it on back. Man running while on cell phone. Family of three.
Troupe of charlatans.

Mad Girls Love Songs

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Zwykłe życie

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Click here to view the article :

"Currently living in London, illustrator and painter Marcelina Amelia
is originally from Poland and her works have been published in a
great variety of magazines like
Digital Arts, Celeste, Ribbed and
Tourist magazine.

Mostly inspired by her childhood memeories and dreams , Marcelina
's art-works have such wonderful spontanous line-work and brush-strokes, almost as
dark and neurotic as her characters and writings.

What got me so deep into her work is her extremely personal approach to her drawings. This is clearly the best way she expresses herself. My favorites are her visual diary and her movie poster reinterpretation."

Lewe Lokcie Gigs !

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Me, Myself and I

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Prawie że tęczowo.

posted by Marcelina amelia

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