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Voigtländer Lanthar 2,8/50  03.2010

Self defined project. sketchbooks.

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Self defined project. sketchbooks

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Self defined project . sketchbooks

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Selfdefined project sketchbook

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Self defined project . looking at History of Portraiture

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portrety trumienne z fajum. Starożytny Egipt/Egyptian funeral portraits
sztuka wczesnochrześcijańska
British school. A young lady
Adriaen van Cronenburgh (c.1520/25-c.1604)
renaissance portraits. details.
Van Gogh- selfportrait.
Amedeo Modigliani -Portrait of Chaim Soutine
Pablo Picasso portrait of Dora Mar
Andy Warhol
Francis Bacon selfportrait
Lucien Freud - portrait of Bella
Jenny Saville

proposal sketches. editorial illustration

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Self defined project. research . portraits

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This is a set of "portraits" of some people around me.
Documenting life . Snaping reality.
Trying to capture today portrait.

Self defined project. Postcards

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Self defined project . research. looking at Movements . portraits

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taken in 2009 in shunt.

self defined. A4 MOLESKINE

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some doodles from my first moleskine ever.

self defined. A4 MOLESKINE

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zainspirowane. zdjeciem Kamila Zacharskiego w Kmag.

Self defined statement

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I dont like to write ( in english especially )so i was just uploading
pictures of what im doing for my self defined project,
but there is many different stuff so i thought
you may be litlle bit confused.

As this project is self defined i gave myself
a lot of time for just practicing and i let
my mind out, i was researching for inspiration,
drawing, drawing, drawing, taking photos,
researching about my subject.
What i missed in my past project was that
freedom to just experiment more.

So i filled some sketchbooks, pages and take
some photographs.

Soo to make it clear my self defined project
have a 4 parts.

1. Its my own project which will be a
trying a capture the PORTRAIT TODAY.

2. Is just to uptade my site, work on my blog
and produce some promoting materials - POSTCARDS

3.Is a collaboration with Isabella, we want to make

4. set of 3 illustration for a magazine.

self defined . sketches portraits.

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self defined . portrait book.

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self defined. selfportrait in movement

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template gig poster for GENTLEMAN!

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self defined . A3 Ink portraits

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self defined. a3 pastel

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Self defined project. Portrait. experimentation

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