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Dream book,

Link 01.04.2011 :: 19:11 comment (0)
final book made for professional practice module.
Hand made, b&w

Sometimes there is just one thing your brain allow you to do

Link 05.04.2011 :: 19:38 comment (0)
I don't know why im putting this here, but i have enough of wood.
And i have headache again.
Codeine KILL ME

self portrait task, i dont know which Me i should draw

Link 07.04.2011 :: 11:31 comment (0)

some bad scribbles from my summer 2010 sketchbook

Link 10.04.2011 :: 14:20 comment (0)

proposal catalog picture

Link 10.04.2011 :: 16:01 comment (0)

some ink drawings of Elephant stone

Link 14.04.2011 :: 02:07 comment (0)

come together right now!

Link 16.04.2011 :: 15:42 comment (3)

Elephant stone


Link 24.04.2011 :: 14:59 comment (0)

just a glimpse og stuff im working on

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