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chaos is the new black

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Sometimes messy is good.

My low-fi, cardridge-paper, pieces from process of making a Memories book.

when i was small i used to see elephants playing on my walpaper

little houses

posted by Marcelina amelia Gawronska

check out Monorex stand at New Designers

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New Designers takes place in
the Business Design Centre,
52 Upper Street,
N1 0QH.

What :

Check out Monorex stand there,
some of my pieces there also.

Yesterday we did a collab with
Monorex artists, result crazy
Hunter dynasty on walls.

This one is just a small part of whats going on there, i did this skull drawing before.
Task given by Monorex, black, white, purple on this paper mache skull.

D&AD New Blood,

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University of Westminster
at D&AD new blood.

Seb, Eloise, Barbara, Sam, Ailish, Natacha, Marcelina, Izabela, Harry

wet paint

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Making of Monorex stand at New Designers.

There was this Hunter and it became a complete misalliance,
he had this beautiful purple haired wife and they lived together
a happy life in their full on, kick ass house filled with taxidermy,
but one day he went for a hunt on his old friend/elephant and he
saw this beautiful girl. She became his mistress, wife found out
about it and sinked her misery in alcohol. Elephant was dying,
wife was crying and Hunter couldn't make up his mind. This
is true love story. For realz.

it was my very first time with markers on wall.


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I'm working on my new website because doesn't work, sorry for that,
so go see this one if you want


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Poster for SlutWalk Berlin.

What began in Toronto earlier this year is growing into a global
emancipation movement. SlutWalks are demonstrations against sexism,
sexualized violence, rape culture, and belittlement of rape. Worldwide
people take to the streets, supporting their right of self-determination
in terms of body, gender, sexuality, and desire - no matter if this
involves personal relationships or jobs where sex is part of the
everyday work.

We are sick of living in a system that downplays
sexual assault, violence, and harassment, not only legitimizing these
violent acts but also blaming their victims in the end.

Ivory Jar

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Dead peoples stuff refashioned for troublesome girls and boys

check out our collaborative brand :

subject of hate

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I decided to share with you my orginal version of Memories Project, well it ment to be a instalation of boxes,
each box - each memory, mdf boxes that i build and inside them hand painted cut outs. I finded out that im allergic to a MDF wood ( only when cutted ) , NICE ONE. Making this project was mostly a suffer.
At the end i hated them, but now when all those stuff are behind me i decided to put them here.

Now the boxes are in my studio, and i use them as a bookcase, well most of them.

waiting for nothing

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cheap page from my sketchbook, drawn while
being exposed to burning hot sun, so dont
expect nothing. ( based on photograph found in internet,
how modern )

PS. im drinking coffee and i like it

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