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Marcelina Amelia Exhibition and Interview

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Our next exhibition in the shop is with Marcelina Amelia on May 7, from 7-9pm and will continue through to the end of June. We will be showcasing Marcelina’s limited edition hand-pulled screen prints and original paintings.instagram_ofcabbages

Marcelina’s work combines painting, drawing and screen-printing techniques. Originally from Poland, she draws inspiration from Polish religious iconography, folk tales, childhood memories, dreams, sexuality and human relationships. Her works are an uneasy mixture of lustful darkness and adolescent innocence. Inspired by pot plants, trapped wildernesses in miniature, the overcrowded streets of London and never ending online content, this body of work examines the relationship between humans, individuals and their environment. Marcelina utilises nature as a metaphor for everyday feelings and headaches.

-What is your artistic weapon of choice? Pencil, pen, paintbrush, printing squeegee…

I actually use all of them. I always start with the pen or pencil though, and then see where the work takes me. Because of my Fine Art and Illustration background, screen printing came in handy as I can mix both painting and drawing in one.

-What do you miss the most from living in Poland? 

I miss polish food, especially my grandma’s cooking. I also miss polish humour, it is very hard to translate it into another language. Believe me I’ve tried! I also miss the nature, in Poland we have both mountains and the sea, and beautiful countryside too –
and people, obviously.

Marcelina_cabbages_kings-How do Poland and London influence your work? 

Marlene Dumas once said that she never quite knows where she is. I have a similar feeling, that I’m always somehow divided between London and Poland, and that I’m never 100% present in a space and time. Suffering from a typical immigrant expat syndrome made me more aware of my own culture, and it became a source of the inspiration for my work.

Polish folk tales, religious iconography the aesthetics of School of Polish Poster, my own memories of growing up in Poland and the importance of family values have had a strong impact on my work. But, at the same time, London taught me a lot about the freedom of expression and being experimental, which gave me all those feelings that I would never experience if I stayed in a country that I was born in.

London is full of extremely talented people and interesting events, which motivates me. I also think that it made me grow up faster and made my skin thicker. But most importantly London, and its overcrowded alienation, is one of the themes that I find myself attracted to.Marcelina_cabbages_kings_girl

-A lot of your work seems to be very self-referential. Do you see it as a self-portrait?

Sometimes it happens unconsciously, I’m not trying to draw myself, but the final outcome resembles me. When I was a kid and I was learning to draw, sometimes because of the lack of the model around, I would sit in front of a mirror and spent hours drawing myself in different poses and expression just to practice. I would spent a lot of time drawing my younger cousins too, so every time I paint or draw a kid it has something that resembles one of them.

Usually I’m trying to tell a story or to illustrate a certain feeling, and a person that appears on a paper is just like an actor that is helping me to communicate the message.

At the same time, I can’t deny that my work is very personal.

-Do you find yourself returning to themes with your work?

Yes, I do often revisit the themes of my own and my family’s past, of growing up. I constantly find my family photographs as a great source of inspiration. Our relationship with the environment, where are we in terms of time and space, is also one of the themes I find myself going back to. I do often try to illustrate emotions.

– How long have you been printing?  

I’ve started learning about screen printing at the end of 2013. I took a fantastic course at Print Club London, and haven’t stopped printing since then.

-What is your favourite takeaway?

I’m trying to eat healthy these days, but I would not ignore a good kebab from Super Kebab in Stoke-Newington and I love sushi from Wasabi.
I do usually go out for coffee though, they have an amazing flat white in Haberdashery, and fantastic cakes in Bienvenue!


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Trafiałam przypadkowo na jej rysunki. Przeszłość scalała się na nich z teraźniejszością, komiks z fotografią i malarstwem. Marcelina Amelia tworzyła symulakrum pamięci; nadawała jej nowy wymiar, jakby otwierała stare komody, wyjmowała z nich drobiazgi i oglądała zwietrzałe albumy, etykietki przez trójwymiarowe okulary. Melancholijne postaci na jej portretach rodzinnych zabiegały o uwagę, przemawiały do mnie: "Zapamiętaj nas, gdy zanikamy, gdy odchodzimy, gdy cierpimy; 'odżyj nas', dokończ i w swojej pamięci, zanieś znów do świata, bo wciąż jesteśmy gugułami zawieszonymi w przypadkowej gwiezdnej konstelacji i nie zdążyliśmy się nasycić życiem".
Nie mogłam zapomnieć tych prac. Po trzech latach postanowiłam, że odnajdę artystkę i poproszę ją o ilustrację na okładkę mojej nowej książki poetyckiej pt. "Wzory skończoności i teorie przypadku". Udało się! Okazało się, że Marcelina Amelia tak jak ja wyjechała z Częstochowy do Anglii i mieszka tuż, tuż, w Londynie i chociaż nigdy się nie spotkałyśmy, połączyły nas różne bibeloty pamięci, widziadła, które odnajdujemy czasem w sobie i na starych fotografiach.
- słowa Wioletta Grzegorzewska polska poetka, prozaiczka.

2 Urodziny Robmy Dobrze

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Laurka dla

2015 Calendar Museum of Eroticism / Kalendarz Muzeum Erotyzmu

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Lipiec 2015, rys. Marcelina Amelia, inspiracja: Życie Adeli - Rozdział 1 i 2 (2013), reż. Abdellatif Kechiche

Kontakt z artystką w celu zakupienia oryginału pracy lub nawiązania współpracy: e-mail. Zamówienia Filmowego Kalendarza Muzeum Erotyzmu do 16 stycznia 2015:


July 2015, erotic art by Marcelina Amelia, inspiration: Blue Is the Warmest Colour / La Vie d'Adèle / Adèle (2013) by Abdellatif Kechiche. Order Museum of Eroticism Erotic Scenes Calendar only till January 16 muzeumerotyzmu@gm... (price: $20 + shipping from Poland) Inside: erotic art, erotic feasts, anniversaries, personalities

Film Illustrations

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"Mam okropną awersję do romansideł. Jeśli bohaterowie i ich dylematy nie wciągają mnie w oderwaniu od romansu, obraz jest przegrany. Chciałbym więc pokazać 5 filmów, w których wątek miłosny został ubrany w coś ciekawego. Zanim jednak przejdę do opowiadania, jeszcze coś: cudne rysunki, które tu widzicie zmajstrowała Marcelina Amelia. Dziko dziękuję, dziękuję dziko!"

Her Spike Jonze

Niewinni czarodzieje  Andrzej Wajda

Million Dollar Hotel  (reżyseria Wim Wenders, scenariusz Nicholas Klein) 

Code 46  Michael Winterbottom, Frank Cottrell Boyce

Imagine Andrzej Jakimowski

Art Wednesday

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"24-year-old Polish artist and illustrator, Marcelina Amelia creates colourful, visually bold and graphic images in paint, screen prints and ink that are reminiscent of German Expressionist painter, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt (just without the gold). She addresses pop culture – check out the first image below entitled ‘#SELFIE’, sexuality and human relationships. We asked her a few questions about her work and where she gets her ideas from.

Art Wednesday: Where were you born and where did you grow up?

MA: I was born in Czestochowa, Poland, where I also grew up. Czestochowa is the city famous for Catholic Pilgrims.

AW: Where and what did you study?

MA: I moved to London to study Illustration at the University of Westminster. Before that I was attending an Art School in Poland, which was a 6 year program that offered me a wide range of courses, so I specialised in Graphic Design and Painting.

AW: What was your route in? Do you have anyone creative in your family?

MA: There’s no one that I know of that was an artist. Probably the most artistic gene comes from my mother, she loved to paint horses when she was a younger, but her parents forced her to study medicine, and sadly she never went back to painting.

AW: Tell us a bit about your work. How you make it? What is the process you go through from idea to finished piece?

MA: My thoughts are quite chaotic and I mix reality with dreams. I usually start with mapping my ideas and putting them into diagrams. After sketching and mapping, I start to see a story. This is when the ideas happen. I sketch a lot, and collage fragments of pieces together that inspire me. It might be a certain type of mouth, a text from a book, a line from TV Series (usually HBO GIRLS ), a colour or a pose. My work is like a puzzle, and later I decide on a final image and attempt to finalise it, sometimes unsuccessfully, sometimes successfully.

AW: What inspires you?

MA: Old movies by Fellini, old Polish folk tales, and visually – the School of Polish Poster, Catholic Iconography, dreams and memories, nightmares, people around me, music, sadness, and lust in the general sense, Egon Schiele, Basquiat, Francis Bacon and many others."

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3 Colors handmade silk screen
Paper: 310gsm.
Format: (35 x 50 cm)
Limited edition
Signed & numbered

Prints available to buy here:

Jak Bardzo Moge

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Ballad of Sisters

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Ballad of Magazine, Ballad of Sisters issue out now

desperate attempts to look all buisnessy

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Dream book,

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final book made for professional practice module.
Hand made, b&w

Looking at some of my old stuff, TASK for my current project to improve my cut outs

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work from around 2009

Garden of self delight - movie

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check it here

sex zine

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to purchase zine, contact either of us here

our very much prototypical presentation

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