Mad Girls Love Songs - Window Exhibition 

by Marcelina amelia 

Mad Girls Love Songs Exhibition takes place at 90 Old Street, rather then presenting the works inside the gallery, works are exhibited outdoor,behind the glass, as a window displays.
Such a open presentation offers a purer way for collectors and art fans to view the art than a traditional gallery setting. 

Mad Girls Love Songs

Ongoing series of painting and drawings titled Mad Girls Love Songs is mainly inspired by being a girl, nostalgia, adolescence, teenage lust and anxiety. 
In this series I’m trying to capture various states of being absent in present, between time and space, filled with constant unsatisfaction, longing, dreaming and wanting. 
Capturing the world as seen through a lustful and sensitive Teenage gaze with over exaggerated and dramatic visions of mostly imagined memories.

Supported by KKB

90 Old Street EC1V 9AX, London