run away from this feeling, transformed into run away from this dream



27.01.2013, 03:49 ::
After a lucrative caerer in the high technology industry, I decided it was time to try something completely different and transform to a new caerer. The question I faced was “what caerer?” Although I have lots of interests, it wasn’t obvious what I should do next.I read books and articles on caerer planning and found that they primarily focused on skill and personal interest assessments as well as job transition. I finally came across a book called “Working Identity” by Herminia Ibarra who believes you can’t “think” your way into a caerer you will like. It’s not an intellectual process. She believes you should ACT your way into a fulfilling caerer. This involves identifying options and then putting yourself in situations where you can test whether you like any of them. Through testing different options, a caerer will surface that is a good fit and where you will be happy.The approach described in “Working Identity” mirrored my own journey to finding a new caerer. I had developed a list of alternatives and was exploring which one would be the best fit. Along the way, I realized that many people are in the same situation. They have successful caerers, some degree of financial flexibility, and would like to transform to a different caerer rather than stay in the same caerer or retiring. They are faced with the same question of “what?”Recognizing the need for a methodology that helps people transform to a new caerer, I decided to create a business to fill this gap. I partnered with Ken to create ACT and develop an innovative methodology to help individuals transform to new caerers. Ibarra’s book provided us with the foundation for developing the methodology. We’ve very excited about the potential for helping individuals with their transformation.